Major Arcana

Chris Rowland


The Wanderer

Beginnings, Luck, Planning

"Nothing can be achieved without taking the first step. Watch where you step, use the knowledge you have but always seek to learn more. Accept that even the wisest and boldest are at the mercy of blind fortune."

Chris Rowland


The Child

Family, Threat, Nature

"Wealth is found through family and kinship. Love, cherish and guard that which you value from dangers within and without. Respect the power of the natural world."

Chris Rowland


The Slave

Bonds, External Conflict, Doubt

"We are bound to others whether we choose to be or otherwise. Recognize the boundries between learn whether aid will come from within or without. Bide your time and wait for a moment to break free."

Chris Rowland


The Thief

Subterfuge, Greed, Cunning

"Let nothing you desire be beyond your grasp. Know the value of the things you covet. Look for subterfuge and trickery among those you deal with."

Chris Rowland


The Mob

Action, Confusion, Discord

"Danger is driven out through the power of the collective. Bring tha force to bear through initiative and clarity of purpose. Accept the call to arms when it sounds."

Chris Rowland


The Hermit

Introspection, Dominance, Sacrifice

"By retreating into the wild places may you find power. Show kindness to those you command, and respect their sacrifices. Consider what you are willing to give up for your goal."

Chris Rowland


The Regent

Duty, Pettiness, Status

"Understand how the office you hold may define you. Be ready to challenge the status quo and dream big. Tradition and civic responsibility may influence or block you."

Steph Morris


The Altar

Defiance, Illusion, Addiction

"Beware the illusions in your life, and those that seek to manipulate you. Know the difference between desire and addiction."

Steph Morris


The Traitor

Spite, Internal Conflict, Conviction

"Recognize when a motivation is based on destruction rather than creation. Look for where you at conflict with yourself, and as such the hurt you cause yourself."

Steph Morris


The Egregore

Community, Clan, Harmony

"Look for the subtle influences of your community on your actions. Consider where you truly belong."

Steph Morris


The Empress

Inevitability, Change, Force

"An unstoppable, external force is at work. The foundation of something powerful and new. Recognise inevitable change that must be accepted and embraced."

Chris Rowland


The Crossroad

Indecision, Intuition, Acceptance

"Your journey cannot continue until you to make a decision. Sometimes there is no-one to ask for advisc. Trust your innermost intuitions to guide you."

Chris Rowland


The Gauntlet

Endurence, Suffering, Purification

"The path forward may be painful. Endure the slings and arrows of unavoidable misfortune. Recognize that which serves us even as it hurts us"

Chris Rowland


The Still Pool

Perception, Fragility, Meditation

"There are many ways to percieve ourselves and others. Find the serenity necessary hear what you are trying to tell yourself"

Chris Rowland


The Weave

Karma, Inner Strength, Virtue

"Define your core values and cleave to them. Seek inner strength to guide you. You can do it."

Chris Rowland


The Crucible

Curiosity, Spiritual Discovery, Obsession

"What question drives you? Recognize the power a desire for answers has. Open yourself to alternative states of awareness"

Chris Rowland


The Crypt

Retreat, Despair, Healing

"Respect the pain of loss and spend time in mourning. Neither ignore the pain, nor wallow in it. Acknowledge where you need to unburden yourself."

Chris Rowland


The Sapling

Rebirth, Hope, Redemption

"This too shall pass. Find peace in redemption and the knowledge that you will have a second chance. Consider what you would bring with you if you started again."

Chris Rowland


The Steed

Trust, Entanglements, Devotion

"A deep entanglement with another person where you both seek to trust. Devote yourself to one path, and forswear all others."

Chris Rowland


The Ziggurat

Hierarchy, Reason, Completion

"Accept your place within the hierachy of the task you devote yourself to. Consider what will define the completion of your undertaking."

Chris Rowland


The Tree of Fire

Crisis, Collapse, Brilliance

"A critical moment approaches. As we approach our destiny, the stakes are raised and we risk everything. Consider what energies you attempt to hold in check."

Chris Rowland



Enlightenment, Attainment, Trancension

"The height of your journey, where your true desire can be achieved. A deep and intimate understanding of who you truly are. As your goal is achieved, both you and the nature of the journey are changed."

Court Cards

Steph Morris

The General

Rook of Crowns and Swords

Decisions, Responsibility, Separation

"The relationship between the populace and the ruler. The burden of responsibility. The separation demanded by responsibility."

Steph Morris

The Gardener

Sage of Crowns and Wands

Nurture, Domain, Fertility

"The relationship between the domain and the ruler. Fertility and attunement with the natural world."

Steph Morris

The Guide

Rook of Swords and Stars

Guidance, Travel, Protection

"Reliance on or dedication to the guidance of another, spiritual or otherwise. Undertaking a journey where the path is unclear."

Steph Morris

The Mercenary

Sage of Swords and Coins

Retribution, Bargains, Debts

"Unpaid Debs and shadows from the past. An opportunity to make a deal."

Steph Morris

The Artisan

Rook of Wands and Coins

Creation, Focus, Legacy

"The impact of our past on who we are. Once something is done, it cannot be undone. The power we invest in our creations and legacy. The mental spiritual and physical rewards of hard work."

Steph Morris

The Mage

Sage of Wands and Swords

Willpower, Control, Nature

"Dangerous, chaotic forces that we not only withstand but harness. Mastery of our desires and willpower. An opportunity to effect a great change."

Steph Morris

The Teller

Rook of Stars and Wands

Inspiration, Teaching, Empathy

"An opportunity to teach or learn. A situation that inspires us, stays with us."

Steph Morris

The Lawmaker

Sage of Stars and Crowns

Consequence, Balance, Judgement

"Weighing the consequences of your actions. Giving and recieving Judgement."

Steph Morris

The Rivals

Rook of Coins and Crowns

Rivalry, Romance, Identity

"Great allies and powerful enemies. The people in life that define you."

Steph Morris

The Sailor

Sage of Coins and Stars

Freedom, Confidence, Fortune

"Favourable Winds and Good Fortune. Have confidence in the path you have chosen. The end is in sight."

Suit Cards


The Senate

Relationships, Responsibility, Connections, Empathy, Identity

Crowns are the suit of relationships. A ruler is nothing without people to lead, and thus is defined the links to their people. This is not the rule of the hierarchical tyrant, but of the empathic true king, who understands their charge and is as much ruled by them as rules them.

Crowns could represent a new person in your life, or a responsibility you are about to take on. Crowns are the most social of the suits.


The Bourse

Bargains, Debts, Consequences, Wealth, Work

Coins are the suit of contracts and careers. The coin is an implicit contract between people. It has no value beyond the strength of a promise. Coins are the promises that bind us and keep our world running.

Coins could represent a deal about to be struck, or a debt owed. They represent the work that is done to earn them, and the potential for prosperity. Coins are the most practical of the suits.


The Military Council

Force, Resistance, Conflict, Passion, Desire

Swords are the direct, pragmatic approach to achieving our problems. They are the potency of our will, compared against the will of the world to resist us. They are exhilarating, ambitious and passionate.

Swords could represent a coming conflict, or an area in life where you are focusing all your energy. Swords are the most passionate of the suits.


The Conclave

Control, Energy, Opportunities, Decisions, Creativity

The wand is not a source of power, but a tool for directing power. It sits across the border of the ritual circle, allowing power to flow through it to where it needs to be. The wand is our ability to direct energy where it needs to go. It is our creative mind solving problems in the world.

Wands could represent a new source of power to tame, or a decision that needs to be carefully considered. They are the most creative of the suits.


The Synod

Ideas, Insights, Guidance, Motivation, Spirituality

The star is our guiding light. It is distant, unreachable, unknowable, but ever true to itself. It is a subtle light that may be difficult to capture. Stars exist in another realm that we glimpse, and through glimpsing gain insights into our own.

Stars could represent opportunities to learn and grow, or an area where you are in need of guidance. They are the most spiritual of the suits.

Number Significance

The numbers of the different cards have symbolic meanings that are consistent across all five suits. A 1 of swords may mean a gift of power, where a 1 of stars may mean a gift of insight. A 7 of coins may mean a bargain that benefits everyone, while a 7 of wands means a project completed to perfection.

1 - A Source or Gift

2 - An Exchange or Reflection

3 - A Comparison or Inconsistency

4 - A Logical Application

5 - An Emotional Application

6 - A Social Situation

7 - Completion or Harmony

8 - Plenty or Surplus

9 - Loss or Renunciation